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For over 35 years, Neo-Solutions has been committed to finding solutions that achieve the best results for our customers. Simply stated, our mission is to solve their problems and help them to deliver on their production and financial commitments. Our people are skilled in both the art and science of mineralogy. With a company culture that promotes engagement, we care deeply about our customers and always go “above and beyond” to meet their needs.

We provide competent technical support in the application of collectors, frothers, and other chemical reagents required to service the mineral processing requirements of mining operations. We are highly skilled and experienced in applying flocculants, coagulants, defoamers, and other chemicals required to service the water management needs of a host of markets, including industrial, municipal drinking and wastewater, and mining mineral processing.

Our Team

John Pannucci

John Pannucci

Our corporate office is in Beaver, Pennsylvania, where Gerry Groff founded the company in 1992 following 24 successful years of employment in the water treatment field.

Our Chief Operating Officer, John Pannucci

Water Management

In mining water management, our flocculation and coagulation expertise supports our customer requirements to control high turbidity in clarifiers by reducing suspended solids. The use of coagulants and other polymeric flocculants  allows for the sustainable reuse of process water.

The need for sand minerals water management has grown with the recent widespread adoption of technological advances in frac sand production for the oil and gas industry. Neo-Solutions is recognized as an industry leader. We supply a full line of liquid solid separation and other products for all types of sand manufacturing. These applications include clarification, thickening, sludge dewatering, dust control, freeze control, run-off control, and drying aids.

In industrial water management applications, we leverage all our expertise in polymeric and other chemical sciences to solve customers’ problems in a host of steel, chemical, food, and other water intensive industrial applications. We have an inventory of diverse products, carrying a full range of flocculants, coagulants, and metal precipitants as well as a line of defoamers, several of which are proprietary.

In municipal water management some of our customers are among the largest U.S. consumers of coagulants used to clarify over a million gallons of drinking water per day. For both municipal drinking water and municipal wastewater applications, we excel at supporting the small-to medium-sized treatment facilities where our technical expertise in selecting and applying optimum coagulants, flocculants, defoamers, belt cleaners, and hydrogen sulfide odor control products often improves plant operations significantly.

Mineral Processing

Neo-Solutions’ early investments in research and development led to the launching of a proprietary line of filter aid moisture control products that solve cycle time and cake moisture challenges faced by mineral processing filter plants. What sets us apart is that when moisture levels exceed the total moisture limit (TML), or are just too high, we likely have a solution.

In mineral processing applications, we have more than 20 years of experience solving issues and optimizing productivity. Our metallurgical knowledge of the operational process and equipment allows us to offer solutions that bridge the gap among minerology, chemistry, and process water. Our staff is composed of experienced metallurgists, experts from the mining industry, chemists, and chemical engineers. Our product offerings are always expanding and include frothers, collectors, depressants, modifiers, accelerators, dispersants, defoamers, surface cleaners, organic pellet binder aids, custom blends, and other reagents.

Our People, Suppliers, and Affiliations

Neo-Solutions is a privately held company that is professionally managed. Our skilled mineral processing and water management technical representatives are based throughout the United States and our distribution network gives us international reach. Our people are recognized for collaborating with our customers, which has resulted in several industry firsts.

We have developed long-standing product and logistical supplier relationships that assure a secure supply chain in both normal and difficult times. Neo-Solutions has contractual arrangements that provide us with direct access to manufacturing capabilities including poly-DADMAC. These relationships position us to regularly provide typical manufacturing support services required for the markets we serve.

We are known in industry for supplying quality products and service from pail to rail tank car quantities. Our team prides itself in always striving to exceed customers’ expectations.

Neo-Solutions welcomes the opportunity to solve your mineral processing and water management issues and service your needs.

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